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Lake Tegel in Berlin in summer
Lake Tegel in Berlin in summer © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Tegeler See

Steamboat rides, eating ice-cream, relaxing

Situated in the north of Berlin, with a surface area of 4.6 square-kilometres, is Berlin’s second largest lake—and one of the most beautiful: the Tegeler See.

The wind dances across the water, waves rustle, swans chatter and on the Greenwich Promenade, walkers saunter through the radiant sunlight. Soon, a steamer will take off for a circular cruise. The Tegeler See, with its seven islands, is a truly idyllic place: for taking walks or steamboat rides.

And: there are a lot of discoveries to make. In the northern part of the lake, only a couple minutes away from Tegel-Ort, stands Berlin’s oldest oak, the around 900 year old fat Marie. Near the peninsula Reiherwerder, with the Villa Borsig, which serves as guesthouse for the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the game preserves of the forest rangers invites one for a visit.