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Spreepark im Plänterwald
Foto: Spreepark im Plänterwald © visitBerlin, Foto: Günter Steffen

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Spreepark Plänterwald

Ruins of the former GDR amusement park

In 1969, the GDR built their first amusement park in Plänterwald, a wooded park in the district of Treptow. The so-called “Kulturpark” remained the only theme park of its kind in the GDR. The park's landmark, a widely visible Ferris wheel with a height of 45 meters, was refurbished in 1989. After reunification, the amusement park was completely upgraded to western standards, but higher ticket prices led to a strong drop in visitor traffic. In 2001 the private operator filed for insolvency. More than ten years, the area was was exposed to decay and vandalism. Since 2016, the Grün Berlin GmbH is responsible for the park and is developing a new type of leisure park.