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Bike friendly Hotels in Berlin
Bike friendly Hotels in Berlin ©

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Bike-friendly hotels

Hotel recommendations for cyclists

Our Berlin hotels offer a number of services for cyclists. Below you'll find a list of hotels with extra features and equipment you'll need for a cycling holiday.

Bike-Friendly Features

Hotel services and design tailored to meet cyclists' needs:

Discover Berlin for yourself

  • cyclists needing just one night's stay are welcome
  • secure overnight bike storage free of charge (please check with the hotel for details!)
  • room to dry out your clothes and gear
  • breakfasts rich in vitamins and carbohydrates or the option for cooking facilities
  • regional cycling maps provided
  • information about guided city tours
  • bike repair kits for minor repairs & maintenance
  • directions to the nearest bike shop for major repairs
  • advice on booking environmentally-friendly return journeys by public transport
  • At all of our bike-friendly hotels, you can also rent bikes for your own journey of discovery.


Going local!

Our bike-friendly hotels can also give you individual recommendations for cycling tours around the neighbourhood. Would you like to book a room in a bike-friendly hotel or do you have questions about the different services on offer? Are you planning a trip to Berlin? The visitBerlin Travel Consultants will be happy to help: +49 (0) 30 - 25 00 23 33

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