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travesty show at TiK - Theater im Keller in Berlin-Neukölln
travesty performance at Theater im Keller © Theater im Keller, Foto: Maik Hoffmann

Theater im Keller Berlin

The most popular drag show in Berlin-Neukölln

Theater im Keller has been offering drag shows since 1987, with its small ensemble entertaining audiences in its own unique style.


Berlin local theatres and cabarets have a charm all their own. TiK Berlin is a bit off the beaten path.

As a neighbourhood theatre in Berlin's Neukölln district since 1987, TiK has developed a reputation as a popular cabaret with a penchant for drag shows and quirky performances. No longer in the basement, but now in a former shop, TiK has become an indispensable part of the scene. The theatre has made a name for itself well beyond the city limits and offers unusual performances and self-produced dance and musical numbers three nights a week,

all with a wink and a smile. Visitors in the front row should expect to be asked to join in and will be surprised how easily they can laugh about themselves. The founder of the theatre is actor Michael Brennecke, affectionately known as "Mutter", who directs the theatre's ensemble. For years, he has been filling the stage with a team of passionate artists who know how to entertain the audience with a sense of humour and impressive talent.

Delicious cuisine in the theatre foyer

The intimate atmosphere of the theatre is supported by the small gastrobar in the foyer. Table reservations for performances are accepted. You can relax and enjoy drinks, tapas, and Spanish food after the show.

Special occasions

During the 2016-17 season, TiK is celebrating its 30th anniversary with yet another lovingly created performance schedule. Visitors can expect many highlights from the past and amusing interpretations of past stories.

It does not always necessarily have to be a special occasion to visit TiK. It's enough to be curious about passionate drag shows and neighbourhood entertainment that goes beyond the traditional.

The theatre is accessible and, upon request, seats with extra room can be reserved.