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Huxleys Neue Welt

New and old home for music and events

Huxleys has become a popular event location in Berlin and attracts audiences with a well-curated mix of music, sports, and entertainment.


Venues and concert halls come and go, they say, but some just stick around. That's the case with Huxleys in Berlin's Neukölln district. Rather inconspicuous in the shadow of the Hasenheide Park, this place has been drawing in the crowds for decades with major concerts, shows, sporting events, and other entertainments.  And still always amazes you once you get inside.

Over the years, Huxleys has gotten a bit more mature and certainly more modern, but you can still feel that this is a place where life has been celebrated extensively. A fresh breeze was breathed into the venue recently to keep up with the demands of today's audience. Many top international artists like Iggy Pop, Simple Minds. and The Prodigy have performed here and brought their audiences to dance, laugh, and submit to their musical devotion.

The concert experience reinvented

Trinity Music are the organisers behind this extraordinary event centre and they have long dedicated themselves to the reinvention of this location. A new concept, better technology, visitor-friendly design, and event planning couple with a good sense for booking the right acts both established and new across the many formats of the culture industry. This is as close to nirvana for many a concertgoer where they will get to experience great music year-round in fun surroundings. The concert hall can hold up to 1,600 people in the audience. A spectator's lounge is also integrated.

It's more than just the music, it's about bringing joy

Other types of events have discovered Huxleys as an interesting location. The renovated event centre also hosts boxing matches, fashion shows, and tattoo festivals. Boxing is growing in popularity in Berlin and the audience numbers are approaching those of larger concerts.

On Hermannplatz

You can easily reach Huxleys by public transport. From the Hermannplatz station, just walk towards Hasenheide and you'll be standing right at the front doors. The whole Neue Welt complex on Hermannplatz now offers a casino and shops next to Huxleys. Huxleys may therefore also be an ideal starting point for your evening out.