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back view of a lesbian couple
a lesbian couple in the in Berlin',1920,1280 © Getty Images, Foto: fotografixx

Kreuzberg 36 for LGBTQ+

Hip solidarity

Neighbourhood "36" in Kreuzberg has a rebellious past and is home to a diverse population. Its heart is Kottbusser Tor. Berliners of Turkish origin, students from around the world, a young party crowd, the LGBTQ+ community and tenants' rights activists all gather in this district. They come together and party in the Südblock located at the southwest end of the Kottbusser Tor.

Across the way under the new buildings of the Kottbusser Tor is the popular gay and lesbian bar Möbel Olfe. Thursdays are especially popular with many gay men; the public on other days is a colourful, diverse mix exuding a bearded, hippy Kreuzberg charm. A little further north, Oranienstraße is overflowing with cafés and pubs such as the plush Roses and SO36, a hotspot for queer parties like the queer oriental Party Gayhane or the Sunday evening dances at Café Fatal.