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Maskenpflicht im Öffentlicher Nahverkehr
© Getty Images, Foto: alvarez

Important information about the current situation in Berlin

Together against Corona: Please show responsibility

Dear Berlin visitors and Berliners,

the Corona restrictions have been extended throughout Germany. Public life will be completely shut down until March 7.

Currently, travel is generally discouraged, and the following measures will also apply:

  • all previous restrictions will be extended until March 7, 2021
    • Hairdressers are to be allowed to open as early as March 1
    • If the incidence is 35 or below, stores and museums will also be allowed to reopen.
  • wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory on public transport and in retail stores.
  • wearing a masks will be compulsory in cars if there is another person in the car in addition to the driver and members of the household.
  • a household may only meet with one other person.
  • in hotspots, the movement radius will be limited to 15 km.
  • Food sold "off the premises" may not be consumed on the premises.
  • the consumption of alcohol in public parks and green areas is prohibited.
  • private hotel accommodation is allowed "only for necessary special reasons".
  • the theatres and opera houses in Berlin are expected to remain closed until Easter (beginning of April).

These current measures have been extended

  • reduce your contacts to an absolute minimum.
  • during the lockdown, people are only allowed to leave their homes for valid reasons.
  • the retail sector will remain closed. Grocery shops and shops for daily needs are exempt.
  • the sale of non-food products may not be extended.
  • building and furniture stores must also close
  • Masks are compulsory in shops, on public transport and in crowded places in city centres - even outdoors.

With reservation

  • Parks & Gardens are open. You can visit the Tierpark and Zoo Berlin with a ticket booked online in advance.
  • Bookstores are open.
  • Libraries are open (with restrictions).

Information about entry to Berlin

  • On November 8, the digital entry registration was introduced, replacing the paper exit card. Returning travelers must now register electronically if they have been in a risk area in the last 10 days.
  • Domestic quarantine of 10 days is compulsory for those entering from risk areas, for all who enter from areas with virus variants 14 days.
  • Long-distance buses in regular and occasional service are now allowed to stop at different stations in Berlin than the Central Bus Station if they come from a risk area.
  • The public transport system will also remain in operation. Doors of the suburban and underground trains will open automatically. Please board the buses at the rear. And wear a mouth-and-nose cover, also in railway stations and ferry terminals, and when travelling by taxi. Violations can be punished with a fine of at least 50 to 500 euros.
  • Here you will find all the important information on how to get to Berlin.
  • Federal Ministry of Health: Current information for travellers

Please show responsibility, wear your mask, observe the Corona rules and hygiene regulations and use the Corona Warning App.

The most important current information on the situation in Berlin

The Robert Koch Institute publishes the current case numbers of the federal states on a daily basis (some of it only in German language). Here are some additional sources of information.

Inspirations from Berlin

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Our city has already survived many crises. This time we will make it too!

Take care of your loves ones and stay healthy!

Your visitBerlin team

+++ Please observe the current guidelines and instructions of the Robert Koch Institute +++