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Gründerzeit Museum im Gutshaus Mahlsdorf
Das Gründerzeitmuseum in Marzahn © visitberlin, Foto: Philip Koschel

Gründerzeit Museum

A journey back in time to the elegance of the golden age

The manor house in Mahlsdorf is more than two hundred years old and houses one of the most impressive and complete collections from the Gründerzeit in Berlin – Germany’s 19th-century industrial expansion.

Look around in peace and quiet in the 14 fully equipped exhibition rooms of the house: They are equipped with furniture, cast-iron stoves and lamps as well as linen sets and monogram embroidery from the Wilhelminian period (1870-1900).

With gentle ticking and strong gong, the floor clocks go here and in the kitchen, next to an original stove of the time, there is even a fridge and many typical kitchen utensils. Watches, music automatons, music boxes and phonographs and gramophones have taken a particular liking to Charlotte, the trained curator. Extensive chandeliers and high wall mirrors recreate the atmosphere of a warm summer evening in the former garden hall. Feel the airy elegance of the so-called "Good Room", which leads over an open staircase to the manor park. A stroll through the picturesque estate park with its restored historic paths will inspire you.

And a completely different ambience awaits you in the basement of the house: Here you will find the last remaining Berlin pub from the Scheunenviertel - Charlotte von Mahlsdorf rescues the "Mulackritze" when the building was demolished in 1963 and restores it to its original state in the museum's cellar. Feel yourself in the clubroom and the "whorehouse" like in the days of Pinselheinrich Zille. At the time of the GDR, people from film, artist and gay circles (East Berlin) meet at Charlotte's house in Mahlsdorf.

Together with the manor park and the museum, the manor house in Mahlsdorf forms a highly worth seeing ensemble in which living and garden culture are combined in exemplary fashion.

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