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Like Tel Aviv - Berlin Siemensstadt
Like Tel Aviv - Berlin Siemensstadt © Landesdenkmalamt, Foto: Wolfgang Bittner

Großsiedlung Siemensstadt (Siemensstadt Housing Estate)

Shapes and colours

The Siemensstadt housing estate now stretches from Spandau to Charlottenburg.

A consortium of several architects, including Hans Scharoun and Walter Gropius, was formed for the construction to design the 1,370 flats in the estate. Each architect was able to design individual housing blocks, with the result being a varied neighbourhood with different forms of building on display. Scharoun was responsible for combining the individual elements, adapting the room layout to the specifics of the lots, and creating a harmonising concept for the neighbourhood. An important element in the design of the residential complex was flooding the flats with sun, light, and fresh air.

Information: Modernist Housing Estates

The UNESCO World Heritage Information Office opened in 2011 in the large Siemensstadt Housing Estate and is operated by Deutsche Wohnen Ag and the architectural guide TICKET B. The information office is located in a one-storey shop building by architect Fred Forbat and erected in Siemensstadt in 1929. Information, books, plans, refreshments, and a café are available for visitors. The office (approx. 45 m²) can be rented for events. A second information office is located at the Hufeisen  Estate in  Britz.



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