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A poetry album to listen to

The Moabite Alexander Kupsch has two passions: the past and the present. As a photographer and designer, he has often merged the two eras by superimposing antique postcards with current photos.

Sometimes there were pretty boulevards, other times scenes of the destroyed post-war Berlin or the wall that had disappeared from the cityscape, which he made visible today in his postcards or video installations. Among other things, his picture montages adorned the Schultheiss Quarter in Moabit and the historic Huth Weinhaus on Potsdamer Platz. For his new project, Kupsch has now merged himself with the past and superimposed himself with a Berlin original from the Roaring Twenties.

And his alter ego Schmielefski also knows a thing or two about it. To be more precise, there are 16 original compositions that could have been hits in the 20s and early 30s of the last century if they had been written back then. In 2024 they will appear on his poetry album to listen to called “Zeitlapse” and will be premiered in style at the Ballhaus Wedding together with Iris Romen and her vintage pop band. A “sound-image show” with a lot of charm, poetry and humor as a revue of told stories, original props and the corresponding songs.
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Iris Romen Vintage-Pop Band