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/ contemporary dance

YAS, FASCIA and VEDO is a full evening of three dancers connecting with each other, three different creations blending one into another. We are researching the significance of belonging, identification and adaptation, it is about connection as much as it is about separation. We see and perceive everything around us.

YAS, FASCIA und VEDO © Produktion

In this solo YAS I’m researching the significance of belonging, identifying, and adapting.

I ask myself; can we adapt to the ideas and practices of the outside situation without feeling alienated from ourselves? How do the many factors such as religion, gender and culture connect all of us, while we find our personal identity? Why is it so important to feel accepted? Will this make us more lost? We are breaking stereotypes, we pursue freedom, but why? Then this common need of belonging to a place, a definition, a word, a label, a group of people. Maintain the same beliefs, dreams, and passions? I sense a dualism, which is where my research starts.

FASCIA is a duet about connection as much as it is about separation.

It’s about the substance that binds us both to ourselves and to each other, a biological fabric under skin, that fills unoccupied spaces. It’s inevitable, inescapable and malleable, it stores and releases elastic potential energy. We are fascia; stretching and supportive, surrounding and stabilising, strong and sensitive.

VEDO. Just another dance about Transitions, Insomnia, Hope, Resilience, Love.

We decided to let go. I sense you. I open my eyes and I see you. I perceive everything around us.
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By and with Cecilia Bartolino, Hannah Stein, Patric De Jesus Musical collaboration Eric Amadeus Joseph Residency space Cordillera, Berlin Original Music Score and Sound Design Theodore Shapiro Fabrizio De André Natureboy Flako Messages