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Puppet theater for children aged 3-8

At the end of September, the puppet theater Katinchen will be a guest at
Zimmer16. Here, the troll Wusel and his friend Morella will finally find out
what the golden ring is all about. And we can watch them and sing along. The
mole Grabor plays a crucial role, and the squirrel Tilly is eagerly joining in
this time.

But what are the crazy bugs up to? Who is that beautiful stranger on the poster by the tree? Is she truly a real princess? All exciting questions that can be answered at the thrilling forest festival in the end.

The performance is accompanied by atmospheric music, and Wusel and Morella once again sing catchy songs that invite you to sing along.

Idea, direction, and performance: Katharina Kröner and Tine Lechner

Music: Thomas Leisner

Duration: 45 minutes The Zimmer16 team is looking forward to welcoming you to share the excitement and sing along together.

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