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A few metres away from the bust of Nefertiti lies an astonishing piece of writing. Its contents from the time of Ancient Egypt could not be more topical: The social order is compromised, interpersonal relationships are disintegrating, and the period is also characterised by wars and climatic crises.

The Berlin Papyrus P 3024, a treasure of the Egyptian Collection in the Neues Museum, reveals the timeless search of a desperate man for a fulfilled life some 4000 years ago. The author’s words sound surprisingly personal and modern and seem to bridge the centuries. For this reason, we explore the museum and this special find with selected experts and musicians and ask: Where do we stand today? What would we answer?

WITH Prof. Dr. Friederike Seyfried, Dr. Olivia Zorn (Egyptian Collection, Neues Museum Berlin), Prof. Dr. Eva Weber-Guskar (University Bochum Institute for Philosophy) and the musicians Wassim Mukdad (oud, vocals), Shingo Ali Masuda (kanun), Penelope Gkika (violin) und Kimia Bani (percussion).


CONCEPT AND SPACE Sabrina Rossetto
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