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Creative writing

In the Schreibwerkstatt the diverse talents of the young people as well as the cultural, emotional and social education are promoted through the exchange, mutual constructive criticism, exercises and professional tips as well as public presentations.

Schreibwerkstatt Marzahn
Schreibwerkstatt Marzahn Renate Zimmermann

By combining writing and illustration and even composing, mutual recognition and joint action, we are treading new, imitative ways. Regularity, growing self-esteem and presentation of results ensure sustainability. Who wants and dares, reads their own texts and puts them in the group for discussion. Writing games of all kinds relax and stimulate creativity. Experimenting with words, putting your own texts up for discussion, having fun, laughing a lot, sharing with like-minded people, that's how you can summarize the activities. Everyone who likes to write, have imagination and are good observers is allowed to participate.

Alongside, there are several projects that are explained in detail on our website.

We also do excursions such as to Ahlbeck, Wieck, Eisenhüttenstadt and Beelitz-Heilstätten and visit the Leipzig Book Fair. Once a year there is a writing night in the library.

  • Chronological Writing Workshop Diary:
  • Projects
  • Storytelling since 2011 at a glance
  • Texts from the writing workshop
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