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The spirit of England in the early 1960s wafts through the hall. An illustrious company comes together for a special celebration. The occasion is the reading of the will of the wealthy and recently deceased Lord Ashtonburry. His widow receives the invited guests in the castle's fireplace room at lavishly decorated tables.

But what then happens in the course of the delicious 4-course meal gives rise to mysterious entanglements. Should they be fatal to one of the relatives? Did the lord really die a natural death or did he stumble upon his rapacious nephew? After initial confusion, it quickly becomes clear that everyone present would have had a more than valid reason to commit murder. And with that, the stage is clear. Not just for the summoned inspector. But also for the obscure relationship, which is more than suspicious.

The investigations into the case bring long-kept family secrets and intrigues to light and culminate in mutual suspicions. At the end of an exciting crime thriller evening, the guests who are eager to solve the mystery may have made themselves suspicious, misled or have proven themselves as detectives.

In any case, you can rejoice when the director's voice comes out: “Hello! This is Edgar Wallace speaking.”

An extraordinary evening a lá Edgar Wallace with at least one corpse.

Let yourself be carried away into the realm of mysterious crime stories.
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