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Berlin photographer Martin Weinhold's WorkSpace project began on 17 April 2006 in a suburb of Toronto, Canada, with a portrait of a truck driver. Over the course of eighteen years, he developed a documentation of people and work in the 21st century that encompasses the entire country.

The size of the country and the sheer infinite variety of the subject continued to drive the project from year to year. To work in the country, the photographer acquired the preliminary stage of Canadian citizenship and undertook annual expeditions into the world of work lasting 3-6 months.
The result is one of the most comprehensive artistic works on the subject of labour since August Sander.

The last departure for a project trip to Canada will take place in August 2024. To kick things off, the photographer invites you to a presentation at the Pfefferberg in Berlin.

Weinhold will take us on a tour from the US border in southern Canada up to the country's Arctic territories, from working on a submarine in the North Atlantic to ranching in the highlands of the Rocky Mountains.