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Not only distinguish the most famous conifers, but also process them

What distinguishes the spruce from the pine or the yew from the fir? There are wonderful differences in appearance and taste. Aromatic and spicy, our conifers show themselves in the kitchen and strong in the medicine.

Kiefertanne im Detail
Kiefertanne im Detail © Sybille Bach

We will get to know the culinary side of these evergreen trees by preparing various recipes and by tasting delicacies we have brought along.

Recipes, products and the necessary material are included in the course fee.

The participation fee is 20,00 € per person; children up to 10 years 10,00 €.
Duration approx. 2,5 h

Registration is required: by e-mail to or by telephone on 0173 3121205.

(Program in German)