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International Performance Art Evening

Creatives from all over the world, both from Berlin and from countries like Austria, Switzerland and India, will share their thoughts on promoting women's rights and the right to gender self-determination. The taboo surrounding female genitalia and the fight against age discrimination are also addressed.

Women's World is the third edition of the International Art Performance
Meeting at the Pandora Gallery Berlin. The evening full performances presents artists who deal with the topic of feminism and gender. Provocation and breaking taboos in society and moral norms is the motto of this meeting, where artists strive to strengthen the changes in European society.


  • Zuzanna Czajkowska
  • Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz
  • Gabi Bila Günter
  • Alexandra Holownia
  • Lan Hungh
  • Marco Nektan
  • Satadru Sovan
  • Doris Steinbichler