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participative installation and performance

What do we see here? Nothing special. Just a bear sitting in its cage in the middle of the stage, watching the audience while the audience watches him. It's hard to say who decides what happens on stage and in the auditorium - the audience, or the bear? And why, in fact, the bear at all?


"WHY NOT THE BEAR?" is an immersive performance and participatory installation, part thoroughly composed, part improvised, in which the audience takes on the role of zoo visitors while providing improvisational impulses and ideas for the performer.

Weird times create weird heroes, and so the character of the depressed bear, created by physical theater artist and clown Lena Binski, emerged from the various experiences of the pandemic period.

The forced isolation is a test of endurance. Without a doubt, freedom is the most valuable thing a person has. But how do you fill yourself when you are locked up all your life? Does one miss the freedom? Or has one resigned oneself to the situation and does not suffer at all? How does one interact with what is happening outside the cage?

Step closer, find out for yourself!

The performance is nonverbal.

As part of the Performing Arts Festival Berlin / May 30. - 4. June 2023
Additional information
Lena Binski is a director and performer specializing in clowning and physical theatre. She is focussed on non-verbal storytelling, visual creation and comedy, as well as workshop development and teaching, both in Germany and abroad.
Participating artists
Lena Binski
Otto Richard
Patricio Tonato
Katarzyna Wieczerzak