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In Berlin there is a diverse world that unfolds here in a special way. But does this impression stand up to a thorough practical test? In order to answer this question, the author embarks on a year-long journey through the capital and takes long walks through the city. She meets 52 fascinating world Berliners, who describe their very personal experiences in Berlin.

These interviews paint a vivid picture of Berlin and at the same time reflect the city's developments - from a once ramshackle adventure playground for creative people to a metropolis that is actively fighting the dangers of gentrification and wants to preserve its unique charm.

The stories of world Berliners reveal the many facets of this fascinating city and provide insights into the cultural diversity that Berlin has to offer. In doing so, they also raise the question of how much of this richness and authenticity can be preserved in the future as the city continues to grow and change. Will Berlin be able to maintain its unique identity while at the same time meeting the challenges of development and change? The author looks for answers in the reports of world Berliners and shows what challenges and opportunities the future holds for the fascinating metropolis of Berlin.