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machina eX

Berlin is drying out. A little more every year. Even a few weeks of rain in the summer can't stop the groundwater level from sinking or the heat from afflicting people in the densely populated streets. What kind of future awaits the city if current strategies aren't enough to secure the water supply?

In their new piece, the renowned Berlin-based game theatre collective machina eX have developed a fictional, near-future scenario. Thanks to new geoengineering in­novations, a dream that humankind has had throughout the ages comes to life: the ability to influence the weather.

Equipped with their own smartphones, 30 participants in Moabit become researchers who examine the surroundings for water levels, soil quality, and seepage potential.

Somewhere between a city rally, an audio walk, and a theatre performance, they manoeuvre through an urban present that is not (yet) equal to the future, together deciding how everyday reality has to change so that life as usual can continue.

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Additional information
Participating artists
machina eX (Konzept)
Astrid Endruweit (Performance)
Jan Jaroszek (Performance)
Melody Pasanideh (Performance)
Michaela Maxi Schulz (Performance)
Raphael Souza Sá (Performance)
Clara Ehrenwerth (Text)
Anton Krause (Regie)
Lasse Marburg (Technische Leitung, Programmierung)
Sarah Klöfer (Dramaturgie, Game Design)
Anton Rose (Dramaturgie, Game Design)
Sebastian Arnd (Interaction Design, Programmierung)
Elisa Haubert (Interaction Design, Programmierung)
Benedikt Kaffai (Interaction Design, Programmierung)
Barbara Lenartz (Szenografie)
Sophie Lichtenberg (Kostümbild)
Anneke Frank (Ausstattungsassistenz)
Matthias Millhoff (Sounddesign)
Sina Kießling (Produktionsleitung)