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Five-course menu meets five-star poetry slam. At the Wedding Slam Royale, the Wedding Slam Royale spoils the palate and ears - with the finest spoken word, poems and comedy, and five courses of excellent food. And all of this in the most brilliant hall Wedding has to offer: the Ballhaus Wedding. More crossover than competition, a poetry slam show for art connoisseurs and gourmets.

Note: It's not a classic dinner, it's a flying buffet - it's more about culinary diversity than dinner.

The Wedding Slam Royale used to be called the "Fusion Slam" - don't worry, we're still the same, just with a shinier name! Every edition is different here: At the only regular slam deluxe show in Berlin, we bring poetry slam together with other arts every month: crime, jazz, drama, painting, improv, comedy... Every show is absolutely unique!

Where does the Wedding Slam Royale take place?

The main location of the Fusion Slam is the Ballhaus Wedding - a chic hall for about 150 guests, near Osloer Straße.