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Ligia Lewis

"Water Will (in Melody)” is a devised choreographic work for four performers using melodrama as a point of departure. Wrestling with language and notions of "the will", this dystopic fantasy becomes a space for negotiating desire, imagination, and feelings of an encroaching end.

Unfolding with playful inventiveness, a wet and cavernous landscape becomes host to a fiction that invites instability, recreation, and catastrophe. Lewis initiates this world in which voice, gesture, touch and movement, flow like waves – both gentle and turbulent. Through the language of mimesis, Lewis and her performers engage with the porousness of the theater by producing a fantastical-like materiality relieved of metaphoric and symbolic weight. Surrendering to the possibilities of the haptic, sense gets un-done to get re-done, paving way for an “othered” organization of sight and touch.

Through this process of alienation, exteriorization, and materialization, this melodrama touches the borders of its own making giving life to both the emotional landscape of its protagonists as well as to the theater itself.

60 min

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Additional information
Participating artists
Ligia Lewis (Konzept, Choreografie & Künstlerische Leitung)
Dani Brown (Performance)
Ligia Lewis (Performance)
Jolie Ngemi (Performance)
Susanne Sachsse (Performance)
Maja Zimmermann (Dramaturgie)
Ariel Efraim Ashbel (Lichtdesign)
Jassem Hindi (Sounddesign)
S. McKenna (Sounddesign)
Eike Böttcher (Bühnenbild)
Catalina Fernandez (Technische Leitung & Licht)
sowrong studio (Kostüm)
Carina Zox (Assistenz)
Gilad Bendavid (Assistenz)
Hannes Frey (HAU Hebbel am Ufer) (Ursprüngliche Produktionsleitung)
Nicole Schuchardt (Touring & Distribution)
Titilayo Adebayo (Entwicklung mit ursprünglichen Performer*innen)
Dani Brown (Entwicklung mit ursprünglichen Performer*innen)
Susanne Sachsse (Entwicklung mit ursprünglichen Performer*innen)
Max Eilbacher (Ton (Tour))
Julia Leonhardt (Administration (Tour))