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It was in 1997 that VONDA SHEPARD achieved worldwide fame as a bar singer in the hit series "Ally McBeal" and produced not only the title song but also an absolute smash hit with "Searchin'my soul". Today, 25 years, two Golden Globes, two Emmys and 12 million sold records later, VONDA SHEPARD brings out her 13th album.

Vonda Shepard
Vonda Shepard Pamela Springsteen

It was produced by none other than Mitchell Froom, Vonda's husband and producer of such famous artists as ELVIS COSTELLO, CROWDED HOUSE and FLEETWOOD MAC, among others. "Red Light, Green Light" was written during the height of the pandemic, which demanded a great deal of discipline from Vonda, her band and her producer. "Of course, the increasingly prolonged isolation was a strain on the album's creative process," recalls Vonda Shepard, "but then with Mitchell by our side, it ended up being an extremely promising journey. The songs are full of soul, filled with pain, but also happiness.

Now it's time to present "Red Light, Green Light" live.
Together with the excellent live musicians James Ralston on guitar (Tina Turner among others), Jim Hanson on bass (Johnny Cash among others) and finally the Jackson Browne drummer Fritz Lewak her German fans can look forward to wonderful concerts with all the classics and the new hits from "Red Light, Green Light".

"I am proud and very excited to come back to Germany once again, where I still have my most loyal fans!" Vonda Shepard

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