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From Udo Jürgens to Star Trek - Concert of the "Schützlinge

The Evangelische Trinitatis-Kirchengemeinde and the Förderverein Kirchenmusik in Trinitatis e.V. cordially invite you to the concert of the instrumental group "Die Schützlinge".

GRAFIK MUSIK © visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

The Schützlinge are an instrumental group of laymen, led by the church musician and representative for popular music of the Protestant Church Berlin-Brandenburg, Michael Schütz. His principle is that everyone who plays an instrument should be able to play along. The pieces were arranged and composed by Michael Schütz especially for the group. The repertoire ranges from Udo Jürgens to the Elisabethenserenade and Penny Lane to church songs and Star Trek. Since the protégés regularly provide musical accompaniment for church services at Trinitatisgemeinde, the concert will also feature some church hymns for which the accompaniment was specially arranged - with the opportunity to sing along.


  • Saxophone: Gabriele Brähler, Gerhard Sippel
  • clarinet: Friederike Möckel, Isa Wittkopp
  • Trumpet: Konrad Lenz
  • transverse flute: Maret Lotz, Irene Mathkoor
  • Oboe: Reinhart Kroeber
  • Recorder: Marianne Rabe, Martina Schmidt
  • percussion: Sabine Kuske
  • Violin: Stephan Wittkopp, Christine Wehde
  • Cello: Christian Herold, Werner Röscher
  • Guitar: Ulrich Adomat
  • Bass: Harald Meier
  • Piano and direction: Michael Schütz

Concerts under corona conditions

The concert will be performed according to the currently valid conditions of the Berlin Senate and the Trinitatisgemeinde.

Admission is free
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