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Volker Meyer-Dabisch has been on the road with CAVEMAN for 14 years and has meanwhile thrilled at least 400,000 spectators. Playing CAVEMAN on stage, he has always wondered what would happen if this guy ever had children. Volker Meyer-Dabisch's answer to this question is: SUPERDADDY.

A multifunctional dad who tries to do everything right, fails grandiosely again and again, but also achieves spectacular successes.

The audience storms with Volker Meyer-Dabisch through a father biography of a special kind: a father who is committed, one who gives everything. He plunges death-defyingly into the adventure of an unplanned home birth, armed with nothing but a pair of tinkering scissors. Cold as ice, he plans his son's birthday party, only to almost go down in the fray of Lukas's 14 best friends, who are running around like crazy. Male friendships are like lonely islands in a storm-tossed sea, as precious as uncut diamonds whose last retreat is a converted broom closet or a garage pimped into a men's rest room.

An evening that, in addition to grandiose comic moments, can also pose questions about the role of the father / man in today's society, that tries to fathom why fewer and fewer boys get the grammar school recommendation, that gives room for questions and discussions from the audience, Volker Meyer-Dabisch regards the audience as his playing partner, no superdaddy performance is exactly the same as the other, spontaneous remarks are incorporated, new texts and stories are tried out, stand-up as it should be, authentic, real, funny and not always perfectly polished.

(Program in German)

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