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Concert with Maja Bader / Leonhard Dering / Nicholas Isherwood / Marina Khorkova

Boris Filanovsky's Whether from Air is a musical meditation on loss, inspired by Maria Stepanova's acclaimed poem cycle. With a perfect mixture of silence and fervor, static and expression, the Swiss artist duo of soprano Maja Bader and pianist Leonhard Dering gives the piece a lively interpretation.

In the second half of the concert, bass-baritone Nicholas Isherwood and pianist Marina Khorkova range from John Cage's early songs to post-Soviet works, some of which were composed especially for him, by, among others, Artyom Kim (Uzbekistan), Eka Chabashvili (Georgia) and Helena Tulve (Estonia). 

The different tonal languages of these works form a diverse universe of vocal techniques and scenic elements, which Nicholas Isherwood brings together in a musical-theatrical manner.

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Additional information
The VOICES Festival is a project of CLSX. CLSX is an initiative of Karsten Witt Music Management.


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Boris Filanovsky„Ob aus Luft“ (Premiere)Cycle for soprano and piano after poems by Maria Stepanova




Traditionally Georgian   „Urumli“

John Cage „The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs“

Imants Mežaraups „aizver actinas“ (German premiere)

Marina Khorkova Duo for Bass Baritone and Multiphonic Piano

John Cage „A Flower“

Eka Chabashvili „A Hunger Artist“ nach Franz Kafka (German premiere)

Helena Tulve „Sõnajalad“

John Cage „Nowth upon Nacht“

Artyom Kim „Earth Music“ (German premiere)

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Participating artists
Maja Bader (Sopran)
Leonhard Dering (Klavier)
Nicholas Isherwood (Bassbariton)
Marina Khorkova (Klavier)