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Works from the house of the musical family Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach is known as the grand master of baroque music. They say he could compose anywhere, even in the midst of the hustle and bustle. And his house was full of musicians. Every member of the family could play an instrument, everyone could sing. Instruments could be found in every corner.

Perhaps Bach had the idea of having his complex trio sonatas, which are extremely challenging for an organist, played on recorders by three sons instead of alone on the organ? Actually a pretty obvious thought. That is why the Trio Zafferano arranged the organ trio sonatas for recorders, following a tradition that recorder players have always cultivated.

They make works playable for their instrument that are not explicitly intended for it. In addition to two of these sonatas, the “Bach@Home” program includes smaller home music pieces, for example from the music book for Anna Magdalena Bach. All flutes are used - from the 20 cm small garklein to the 2.5 m large sub-bass. Unusual and modern playing techniques, a virginal, jaw harps and other surprising instruments make this concert a special experience.

Participants/musicians: Iris Bürger, Julian Fricker and Cora Riedel (recorders)

  • Ticket information: 8 euros, reduced 5 euros
  • Admission free up to 18 years
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