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In 1870 a cultivated landscape developed in the area around the Wannsee, which was unique during the imperial empire and the Weimar Republic in Berlin - perhaps even throughout Germany.

The special exhibition hung on the fence of the grounds of the Wannsee Conference House until October 2020. It is documented on the website of the memorial and educational site.

To the glittering world of the Berlin bourgeoisie and to the inhabitants of the magnificent villas of the Wannsee colonies, only a few houses and gardens and some tombs still recall at the New Cemetery in Wannsee. In the middle of the 19th century the Berlin banker and owner of the "Berlin commercial company" Wilhelm Conrad (1822-1899) decided to settle down at the Wannsee.

In 1864, he founded the "Colonie Alsen", named after the island of Alsen, whose conquest in 1864 led to the war of Prussia and Austria Against Denmark. Among the new owners were, among others, Max Liebermann, Eduard von der Heydt, Oscar Begas, Hermine Feist, Johann Hamspohn, Johannes Otzen, Oscar Huldschinsky, the publisher family Langenscheidt, Fritz and Ferdinand Springer, Hugo Vogel and Anton von Werner .The garden exhibition shows the history of the villas and their owners.
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