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40 years of archives at the Spandau City History Museum

We warmly invite you and your companions:

Dr. Carola Brückner, District Councillor        
Ina Bittroff, First Chairwoman of the Heimatkundlichen Vereinigung Spandau 1954 e.V.

Introduction to the exhibition:
Dr. Urte Evert, Museum director Zitadelle Spandau


On 16th of november 2023 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., there will be an opportunity to visit the newly designed reading room and entrance area of the archive with the new installed permanent exhibition as well.


The archive of the Spandau City Historical Museum has been housed in the Palas of the Citadel for 40 years. The exhibition Spandaus Schätze provides an insight into the history and diverse holdings of the archive, which extends far beyond the year 1983 from the medieval times to the present day. These include documents from the Brandenburg margraves, old seals and coins, municipal records, but also diaries, photos and albums, historical maps and plans, newspapers from 1849 to the present day, as well as audio and film material. All of these archives bear witness to the long, special history of the people of Spandau and protect it from being forgotten.

Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the history of Spandau at interactive stations and workshops. They can playfully test or expand their knowledge, become a chronicler, practise historical writing techniques or create collages from Spandau newspapers.
Additional information
Meeting point: Bastion Kronprinz