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Discourse Festival

In the symbolic structure called "Europe," Eastern Europe occupies a strange place: although part of the continent, it has not found inclusion in the much-invoked European "we." Eastern Europe is always what "we" are not. A place of violence and political crises.

The Utopia Eastern Europe festival is an attempt to turn this view around. And we do so by understanding Eastern Europe not only as a place of catastrophes, but also as a place of creativity and resilience. A laboratory of new ideas about how living together can succeed even in difficult times.

The event will kick off with a meeting at the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin at the end of 2023 of authors who have arrived in recent years, have lived here for a long time, or are in transit. Together, they will discuss the role literature plays in remeasuring the present.

In early 2024, the festival will take place at the HKW. In a series of discussions and performances, readings and films, we celebrate the radical creativity of artists. And precisely in the face of a violent present. Utopia Eastern Europe is not an act of affirmation, but of subversion.

Berlin is also in Eastern Europe!

Performances, readings, discussions, screenings, concerts, music (DJ)
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