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Takis Würger presents his new novel Innocence in Berlin. Nellie Thalbach speaks the audio book and she will also be on stage that evening.

Backfabrik, Prenzlauer Berg
Backfabrik, Prenzlauer Berg © tic / Friedel Kantaut

The book: Molly Carver has thirty-five days to prove her father's innocence. For years he has been in prison for the murder of sixteen-year-old Casper Rosendale - now the sentence is to be carried out. In search of answers, Molly returns to the East Coast village (USA) of her childhood. Using a false name, she begins working as a maid for the Rosendales, a family that was once more influential than the Rockefellers.

Emotionally and hauntingly, Takis Würger draws a portrait of a society full of contradictions. He shows us what really goes on behind the dazzling facades of this world.

Takis Würger, born 1985, reports as a journalist for the news magazine Der Spiegel from Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq, among other places. His reportage has won him numerous prizes, including the German Reporter Award and the CNN Journalist Award.

At the age of 28, he went to England to study the history of ideas at Cambridge University. In 2017, his debut novel Der Club was published, which was nominated for the aspekte Literature Prize and awarded the lit.Cologne Debut Prize.

Nellie Thalbach, born 1995 in Berlin, is the daughter of actress Anna Thalbach, as well as the granddaughter of actress Katharina Thalbach.

Location: Backfabrik Clinker Lounge
Saarbrücker Str. 36a
10405 Berlin

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Backfabrik Clinker Lounge