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Kevin Janssen comes from the Netherlands and has been a beekeeper for years. He makes soap, skin creams and honey infused with hemp. in 2012 he was inspired to create his first cannabis artwork when he wanted to show the attractiveness of the whole plant.

Dried and pressed in the manner of a herbarium, the plants prepared in this way attempt to break down the ancestral image of the dangerous, fearsome narcotic plant. Through this method, the natural beauty of the plants can be preserved and displayed to a wide public.

All objects are made of recycled materials that tell their own story, from the frame, to the colors, to the plant itself, which in a previous life was meant to be smoked, or grew in a field as a useful hemp.

Paintings by Kevin Janssen have hung in the cannabis museums of Barcelona and Amsterdam, and the Hemp Museum in Berlin is pleased to present a stand-alone exhibition of his work for the very first time.

Until October 22, 2023 you can see the unique herbarium art of Kevin Janssen at the Hemp Museum.Translated with DeepL
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Price info: Guided tour: 15,00 € for the group.

Price: €6.00

Reduced price: €4.00

Reduced price info: Children up to 10 years have free admission.

Reduction for berlinpass and Welcomecard holders, students, pupils, etc.

Guided tour: 15,00 € for the group.