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Environmental Festival at the Brandenburg Gate

Every year in early summer, the GRÜNE LIGA, together with many exhibitors, transforms the Straße des 17. Juni between Brandenburger Tor and Großer Stern into Europe's largest ecological experience mile. And all that with lots of fun, information, music, delicious organic food and innovations from the whole variety of environmental protection, nature conservation and environmentally friendly mobility.

Umweltfestival 2019
Umweltfestival 2019 © Sebastian Hennigs, Umweltfestival 2019

Environmental Festival at the Brandenburg Gate

This year's UMWELTFESTIVAL is dedicated to the elixir of life: water. The consequences of climate change are becoming clear - heat waves, as in the western United States, or heavy rainfall events followed by flooding, as in western and southern Germany. Extreme weather poses a threat. Water plays a central role here; it is food and an economic factor, harbors danger and salvation at the same time, and serves as a source of energy, a transport medium, and a raw material.

In addition, water is under threat as pollution of water bodies increases. Rivers no longer foam and lakes and seas are alive, but invisible problems have increased: Pharmaceuticals or pesticides, plastic particles or nutrients are massively affecting water bodies. The protection of waters is a lever when it comes to adaptation to climate change.

There will again be many committed and diverse exhibitors, entertaining live stages and many sustainable actions to get involved and engaged!

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