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The True Italian Pasta Week is coming back in 38 selected restaurants in Berlin with an incredible offer:  A special PASTA (to choose between two options) + a glass of WINE + a DIGESTIVE for just 16 euros! 

For a whole week, from November 13th until November 19th, in 38 True Italian restaurants, you will get the chance to taste authentic and delicious Italian pasta dish (choosing between two types on offer, also vegetarian or vegan), a glass of Allegrini wine and a digestive (Limoncello Di Capri or Molinari Caffè) for the special price of 16€! 

You won't need a card or a ticket for the event: just go to one of the restaurants on the list of True Italian Pasta Week and ask for the event's offer!

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  • And soon, as paper flyer in each participating restaurant!
Quick recap:

  • WHEN: from Monday, November 13 to Sunday, November 19, 2023.
  • WHERE: In 38 Berlin's best restaurants.
  • WHAT: 16 euros for a special pasta dish along with a glass of Allegrini wine and a digestive ((Limoncello Di Capri or Molinari Caffè)
The event is organized by True Italian, a project of Berlin Italian Communication, with the partnership of Allegrini, Limoncello Di Capri, Molinari, Metro and Acqua Panna San Pellegrino.

Media partner of the event is Berlino Magazine.

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