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“Truckstop” is a piece about big and small dreams, about dependencies and attempts at liberation. For her dense panorama, the Dutch author only needs a truck stop in which the lives of the three characters will change drastically within a short space of time.

The 28-year-old truck driver Remco, with whom Kataijne falls in love, breaks into the close mother-daughter relationship. Remco has unattainable plans as a survival mode, Kataijne experiences the power of her own decisions, and the mother experiences the compulsion to let go - a highly explosive mixture!

The mother's truck stop is not only a symbol of the small world in the midst of acceleration, but also a crime scene. The piece, clear and enigmatic at the same time, develops a special attraction and is great theater by actors.

Author: by Lot Vekemans. German by Eva Maria Pieper

Director: Ufuk Güldü / costume and set design: Lana Ramsay / dramaturgy: Anne-Sylvie König / assistant director: Laura Kleinwort / music: Lukas David Schmidt

Cast: Magdalena Kosch (Katalijne) / Rahel Ohm (Mother) / Lukas David Schmidt (Remco)

Premiere: September 29, 2023, 8 p.m., Ballhaus Prinzenallee

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