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Tiny molecular machines perform all tasks in cells, but how do they find their way to their respective locations in complex, elongated structures such as nerve cells? How is the precise coordination of the transport systems within the cell maintained?

Particularly with regard to neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Parkinson's, there is suspicion that disorders in this cellular logistics play a role. In the world of optobiology, new opportunities are opening up to examine and specifically influence cellular transport using light signals. Could this help solve traffic problems within the cell?

Professor Dr. Marina Mikhaylova and Nathalie Hertrich introduce the topics of optobiology and optogenetics. They explain how light is used as a tool to deepen the understanding of the transport of neuronal proteins and potentially find ways to get cellular traffic flowing smoothly again.


  • Prof. Dr. Marina Mikhaylova, Humboldt University of Berlin, Institute of Biology, project leader, optobiology working group
  • Nathalie Hertrich, Humboldt University of Berlin, Institute of Biology, PhD student, Optobiology working group”