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So behold this house and behold the beauty of its concrete, its boards and its foundation, which supports you as no dirt, nor a field, nor a meadow, including a wheel, can ever support you out there. The Volksbühne speaks: I am the good hut and know my people and my people know me.

So if your ears are deaf and your eyes are blind, go to this house. Because this house makes the deaf hear, this house makes you blind swine see and makes up for what the common bad art has done to you for so many years. This house makes you healthy.

The Viennese author Lydia Haider stages an expulsion – or a collection. Starting on the stairs in front of the Volksbühne, the procession moves into the Roter Salon, home of the Dead Salon, which has been taking place for two seasons and is constantly reinventing itself. With EXODUS as the prelude, as episode 0, Lydia Haider and various accomplices lay the foundation for this season, in which the Dead Salon is dedicated to the ten plagues in five episodes: Blood! vermin! plague! hail/darkness! Death of all firstborn!

The Dead Salon is a liturgy, a mass that is held every two months on the last Friday and is always confronted with new imponderables, influences and guests. The Dead Salon should be thought of as an invitation to all art disciplines and forms to come together to expand and question boundaries, to bury what has gone before and to redesign oneself.

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