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From 2 to 8 October 2023, the city magazine tipBerlin is presenting the capital Berlin with a journalistically curated food festival, this time under the motto "Italian specialities". The festival will conclude on 7 and 8 October in Clärchens Ballhaus with a special food market that complements the dinners, talks and labs in many restaurants, bars, cafés and workshops that the festival brings to the city.

Foodmarket in Clärchens Ballhaus

On 7 and 8 October, the Foodmarket in Clärchens Ballhaus will present Italian delicacies from over 40 exhibitors at 25 stands. In addition, expert panels, workshops, cooking shows and tastings will take place in the restaurant. Well-known protagonists of the Berlin gastronomic scene will have their say and have the opportunity to network.

The tipBerlin Food Festival - Enjoy Italy.

The tipBerlin editorial team keeps a constant eye on the culinary capital. Once a year they distil it into the Food Festival, which is more than just a gourmet event or a feast.


During the week from 2 Oktober to 6 Oktober, dinners will be held throughout the city in various Italian restaurants as well as 8 Labs in cooperation with the delicatessen Viani.

tipBerlin Food Festival at a glance
  • Food market in Clärchens Ballhaus on 7 and 8 October
  • Dinners in selected restaurants
  • Labs on food topics
  • Talks on 7 and 8 October at the Clärchens

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