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Mystical sound, irrepressible rhythm and the heartbeat of Japanese martial arts. DRUM TAO" has already thrilled more than eight million viewers in 26 countries and 500 cities. In 2023, because of Corona two years later than originally planned, the Japanese samurai of the art of drumming will finally return to Europe with their latest show "Drum TAO 2023". The tour will kick off in Düsseldorf.

KEY VISUAL TAO © TAO Entertainment Co. Ltd.

Powerful yet fragile, original yet modern: The furious rhythms that build up to a whipping storm of drums, performed with extraordinary precision, force and stamina, have a - in the truest sense of the word - resounding effect. DRUM TAO is more than a breathtaking sound experience, DRUM TAO is exuberant liveliness and enormous musicality. A unique performance, a mixture of musical meditation and wild martial arts, crowned by a meticulously coordinated choreography - all this awaits the audience.

In Japan, the drum was already considered in the religious rituals of early times as a link to higher powers as a mouthpiece to awaken the gods and spirits and ask for their assistance and benevolence. Rediscovered as a musical instrument by young musicians in recent decades and modernized in its playing style, DRUM TAO now brings it the enthusiasm of a worldwide audience, and has done so for some 17 years. First celebrated by European audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2004, the Wadaiko troupe is once again preparing to raise the pulse of its audience.

In order to make the imposing drums with diameters of up to 1.70 meters sound, the thirteen-member "Drum TAO 2023" ensemble is required to have not only a pronounced sense of rhythm, but above all one thing: Full physical commitment. But DRUM TAO does not only mean martial drumming and vibrations that penetrate the body from head to toe. DRUM TAO is also an interplay of the deep rumble of the gigantic Taiko drums and the quiet moments full of lyrical beauty, grown from the philosophy of the Far East.

"Drum TAO 2023" is a powerful performance that pushes the limits of human performance and offers a breathtaking experience of Japanese entertainment art.

Tickets already purchased for the postponed 2021 or 2022 dates will generally remain valid. Inquiries will be answered by the local organizers.

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