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Edward Kennedy Ellington became so famous as Duke Ellington that there is no need to introduce him, even a bridge and an asteroid were named after him.

Savoy Satellites orbit Duke Ellington
Savoy Satellites orbit Duke Ellington Heiko Grumpelt

Neither asteroids nor bridges have been named after the SAVOY SATELLITES so far, nevertheless they do not need to be introduced here any more.

Savoy Satellites orbit Duke Ellington playing swing and especially on this evening big band hits of Duke Ellington. However, without a big band, but in a big septet. Together with the fantastic and singing Mette Nadja Hansen it will even be Big Eight.

Fun Fact: "The Big Four" is not Ellington's best record at all. In any case, there will be a lot of swing again this evening, to listen to and / or to dance to.

In this sense: Hosanna ! (Attention: No Christmas songs despite December!) Before, after and in between music by DJ Ana Maeso!