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Tango, swing and salsa on Breitscheidplatz

The Mala Junta is very happy to be organizing a big dance festival together with La Mambita (Salsa) and Talea & Holger (Swing) as part of "Summer in the City" on Breitscheidplatz this year.

Tango, Swing and Salsa on Breitscheidplatz

There is a stage and a dance floor, where the dances swing (Fridays & Wednesdays), tango (Saturdays, Mondays & Thursdays) and salsa/bachata (Sundays & Tuesdays) are alternately offered with a daily program.

Live music and show dances are also planned!

Relaxed dancing atmosphere in the City-West!
Additional information
Outside and free of charge - the event has to be canceled in the event of heavy rain.
Toilets, drinks and snacks are available on site.
Parking is best in multi-storey car parks around the Europa Center.