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For a pretzel, for a word. Deutschlandfunk Kultur invites you to the live radio show from the Humboldt Forum in Berlin. Be there when we welcome a prominent guest from culture, science, media or politics to the Mechanical Arena. Have an engaging conversation together about the issues of our time. Chat, argue or think out loud together.

Here you can experience radio up close, to watch and also to join in the discussion. An engaging conversation about the issues of the day, broadcast throughout the republic, made in the new old centre of Berlin, in the rebuilt City Palace.

Juli Zeh is one of the most successful German writers with her novels such as “Unter Leuten”, “Über Menschen” and most recently “Zwischen Menschen” (together with Simon Urban). However, the trained lawyer and honorary judge at the Brandenburg State Constitutional Court also repeatedly speaks out critically in current social debates.

- free of charge Talk
- Duration: 70 min
- Language: German
- Location: Mechanical Arena in the Foyer

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