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The Russian war of aggression in Ukraine has exposed what climate researchers have long criticized: the dependence on fossil energies (and on totalitarian regimes). We can no longer afford the eternal delaying tactics in the socio-ecological transformation of societies towards a more sustainable form of global coexistence.

KEY VISUAL Streitraum - Carolin Emcke im Gespräch
KEY VISUAL Streitraum - Carolin Emcke im Gespräch PROMO

How can the intertwined crises of war, climate crisis and the danger of authoritarian, fascist movements be analyzed and answered?

The concept of freedom is increasingly hollowed out and misused. Either as a masquerade for an economization of the lifeworld and neoliberal de-regulation or as a disguise for right-wing fantasies. How could a more substantial, progressive concept of emancipation be spelled out for the present? How can we think emancipation towards a more solidary society?

Emancipation must always be developed and demanded in the plural, because there are different conflicts and repressions to be fought against. Emancipation from fossil energies and the ideologies that were linked to them, but also emancipation from authoritarian, racist, patriarchal structures and practices. How can we think of a more socially just society, which emancipatory movements and utopias give us hope?

The Streitraum is a monthly discussion event at the Schaubühne and has been moderated and curated by the journalist and author Carolin Emcke since 2004. Scientists, authors, politicians, artists and other public figures are invited. The Streitraum deals with a different topic each season.

(Program in German)
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Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz
Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz