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The present is characterised by a flood of information and impressions. Many people frequently lack the time to focus on something, to enter into a relationship with their environment or to acknowledge mindfully the objects around them. Also, during a museum visit, the quantity of information is often too heavy to get on top of. With the smartphone, you can indeed photograph exhibits as a memento, but how closely have you actually looked at them?

Drawing museum objects presents a contrast to the quick tour and the excess of visual and acoustic impressions. To record something through drawing requires mindful seeing and time.

This not only has a positive effect on cognitive abilities but also on the intellectual senses. At the moment of concentration, the head and spirit are at rest and a space for new findings opens up.

- Free of Charge
- Meeting point: Foyer Duration: 90 min
- For people of all ages
- German
- max. 15 persons
- Belongs to: 24h OPEN

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