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The "Painting Paradise" exhibition shows new pictures and sculptures, including for the first time large, museum-quality canvas tableaux on which the artist spreads out his entire picture archive.

Stefan Szczesny: Painting Paradise

Stefan Szczesny (*1951 in Munich) shapes contemporary art. Studies with Günter Fruhtrunk, an early scholarship in Paris and stays in New York, southern France, the Caribbean and the Villa Massimo in Rome had a lasting influence on the artist's work.

In the early 1980s, Szczesny played a key role in the "New Wild Ones" movement. In 1981 he initiated the exhibition "Rundschau Deutschland" as the first presentation of the movement and thus brought expressive, figurative painting back into the consciousness of art in Germany. Szczesny's works are now shown in numerous museum, solo and group exhibitions around the world.
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