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At the start of the season, the host does the honors: 60 years, that's not much - in the life of a giant tortoise. Married for 60 years, on the other hand, can sometimes be a lot.

And if someone has stood on the so-called boards that mean the world for 60 years - then that can really be quite a lot. Of course, the emphasis is on quite a lot - especially when, after so many years, someone still wants to see that "someone" on stage.

And so Dieter Hallervorden does not splash out and offers the ultimate audience challenge: a cruise (and cross) through the various stages of his stage career. In short: With this program Hallervorden serves a rich entertainment menu - consisting of the highlights of a stage career - finely seasoned with novelties.

Enjoy it!

(Program in German)

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Dieter Hallervorden (mit)
Harald Effenberg (mit)