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A musical-literary journey

Just as big UFA hits as "Yes, Sir!" by Ralph Benatzky, "That's only once" by Werner Richard Heymann or Theo Mackeben's "One way or another is life" and great Hollywood songs like "Over the Rainbow" or "As times goes by" show an illustrious cross-section of the film melodies of the 20th century, which are framed by small anecdotes about the stars and films.

On this evening, this dance is joined by the impressive film music written by Hartmut Behrsing himself, who not only made a name for himself with his compositions for the GDR television series "Polizeiruf 110", but above all with the famous opening credits .  

Staircase A | Admission 6 € | Reduced according to the imprint 3 €

(Program in German)