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performance installation

The theater workshop "STATION" for teenagers from Ukraine in Berlin decided to present a performance research called "Space.Transformation".

"Do you know what Berlin sounds like, and if you imagined it as a creature, what would it look like? And try to imagine what your first date would be like if you asked Berlin out? We will also try to imagine and feel this city in a new way, try to make friends with it, and tell you the story of what happened."

The main goal of the research project "Space.Transformation" is to rethink the space of Berlin by teenagers from Ukraine who lost their homes due to the outbreak of a full-scale war in Ukraine and moved to Berlin about a year ago.

They already have an idea of this new city of their lives, but has it become "home"?

Come find out on July 9 at 15:00.

With kind support: STADTMUSEUM Berlin
Additional information
Participating artists
Anna Motyka
Maria Vyshedska
Teilnehmer der Theaterworkshop-Gruppe "STATION" für Jugendliche aus der Ukraine