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SLEEPING BEAUTIES - CHASING GHOSTS is one of the pieces by LUNA PARK that was particularly well received by the audience. That's why they are particularly pleased to be able to present it again in Studio 14 of the Weddinger Uferstudios on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of their organization as a club.

In SLEEPING BEAUTIES - CHASING GHOSTS, six performers go on the hunt for their dreams and those of others. On their journey through the darkness they encounter all sorts of ghosts, both irritatingly strange and strangely familiar. They give them body and voice, and it can happen that the boundary between dream and reality suddenly no longer has any meaning. Will they finally wake up from their Sleeping Beauty sleep, and will the world then perhaps be a different place, no longer darkened by the shadow of war?

People spend a third of their lives sleeping. Science still cannot fully explain why this is the case. Why people dream while they sleep is also not clear. The only thing that is certain is that dreams refer to what is experienced in the waking state, and Sigmund Freud believed that they reveal repressed emotions, aggressions and desires as the “royal road to the unconscious”. In any case, dreams are states of consciousness that are often perceived as incredibly intense. Some dreams stay with people long after they wake up, so they are not just a reflection of the reality experienced while awake, they often have a great influence on thinking, feeling and acting.

Dealing with this influence and with different interpretations of sleep and dreams is the basis for the development of the dance performance SLEEPING BEAUTIES - CHASING GHOSTS. Children from the Gesundbrunnen primary school and surrounding daycare centers helped find answers to questions about this in an open rehearsal process. Questions such as: How do sleep and dreams become visible when we are awake, and how do they move our bodies? And how does reality get into dreams? Why can people sometimes dream with their eyes open? What spirits come to them when they dream? Do they continue to accompany them even when they are awake and how can they interact with them? What did Sleeping Beauty dream about during her hundred-year sleep?

55 minutes without a break

The dance performances SLEEPING BEAUTIES - CHASING GHOSTS and CROSSING THE FREEWAY will be revived at the beginning of March 2024, on the occasion of the five-year anniversary of the founding of LUNA PARK as an independent association based at the Gesundbrunnen elementary school in Berlin-Wedding.

LUNA PARK has existed as a free artists' collective since 2002, and not just since the LUNA PARK initiative was institutionalized as an association in 2019, it has been a particular concern of the choreographer, dance teacher and artistic director of LUNA PARK, Kosmas Kosmopoulos, to develop the school as a cultural, To open up a meeting and production place and to integrate (dance) artistic creation into the everyday life of a neighborhood whose access to cultural education and participation is limited.

Against this background, several children's theater pieces have now been created, performed at school, in the neighboring Uferstudios and as guest performances in the Lübeck Theater and in the Heimathafen Neukölln, among others. Contemporary dance performances for an adult audience are also produced every year, and in 2023 and 2024, for the first time, intergenerational theater projects with performances in Berlin and abroad. In addition, LUNA PARK regularly organizes international meeting formats for young dance creators and dance education professionals.

LUNA PARK's productions are initiated and directed by Kosmas Kosmopoulos, but also by other theater and dance artists, established or emerging, who are invited as part of an artist residency to realize and perform their own work . This commitment has been supported since 2022 by dance excellence funding from TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund.

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Additional information
A production of Initiative LUNA PARK e.V. and Kosmas Kosmopoulos in cooperation with the Gesundbrunnen Primary School, supported in the frame of the artist residency program “tanz(t)räume” (dance rooms/ dreams) funded by TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund (DANCE PACT Local-Regional-National) and the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Community, and in the frame of the project fund of QM Badstrasse, supported as part of a two-week EUNIC dance residency at the Goethe-Institute in Cairo.
More information at:www.lunapark.works Yuri Fortini, Sofia Gousgoula, Maia Joseph, Nikoleta Koutitsa, Davide Lorenzi, Caspar Sebastian StuartArtistic direction, concept and choreography: Kosmas Kosmopoulos Choreographic assistance: Nikoleta Koutitsa, Maia JosephOriginal music: Antonios Palaskas, Alex RappStage design, costumes: Yiorgos Karapidakis (YioKa)Technical direction and light design: Andreas Harder Text and dramaturgical advice: Kai Pichmann Production management and communication: Fee Josten, Carmen Maria Jentzsch, Effie Athanasodimitropoulou Photography and documentation: Giovanni Lo Curto